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Fusion Fireside #1: Navigating the Payment Pathways with Daniel van Delft

27 June 2024

This is just the first episode of our ‘Fusion Fireside’ series!

We have several other distinguished speakers lined up for future episodes, where we’ll continue to delve into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the world of economic crime, finance, and payments.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations and expert perspectives in the coming months!


Episode 1: Navigating the Payment Pathways with Daniel van Delft

Join us in our premiere episode as we explore the intersections of innovation, leadership, and the evolution of payments.

Daniel van Delft is the CEO of Currence iDEAL. For almost 20 years, this payment system has been legendary in the Netherlands – and now Daniel is broadening his horizons to Europe.



Topics of Discussion

  • A Shift in Gears: Daniel van Delft shares his transition from the automotive industry to the forefront of finance and payments.

  • Two Decades of Dedication: What fuels Daniel’s passion for the payments sector after more than 20 years?

  • The Core of Currence & iDEAL: Insights into the operations and aspirations of Currence and its flagship product, iDEAL.

  • The iDEAL Difference: Unveiling what sets iDEAL apart in online payments.

  • Consumer-Centric Approach: The philosophy behind offering iDEAL free of charge to consumers.

  • Global Perspective: Why haven’t similar systems been replicated in other countries?

  • Trends and Transformations: Daniel reflects on the evolving trends over his extensive career in payments.

  • Innovating for the Customer: How iDEAL’s new features are designed to enhance the customer experience.

  • EPI Acquisition: The implications of Currence’s acquisition by the European Payments Initiative (EPI) and the introduction of Wero.

  • Currence Without Borders: Discussing Currence’s potential expansion on the international stage.

  • European vs. Global Payments: Comparing European payment systems with the rest of the world, drawing from Daniel’s experience at Visa.

  • The Fight Against Fraud: The significance of fraud prevention in Currence’s strategy.

  • Collaborative Efforts: How Currence works with banks and regulators to tackle fraud.

  • Looking Ahead: What the future holds for Currence in the coming years.

  • Personal Reflections: Daniel contemplates his future in the automotive industry and his aspirations moving forward.



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