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Deceive the Heavens to Cross the sea

17 November 2021

300.000+ infections via Droppers on Google Play Store

The “Deceive the Heavens to Cross the sea” stratagem comes from the first chapter of the ‘Thirty-Six Stratagems’, a famous Chinese collection of tactics and techniques used in politics, war and civil life. It translates to “hide in plain sight” or “mask your true goals”.

Android banking trojan actors have taken this stratagem to heart and have been very adaptable over years to new Google Play app store restrictions introduced to limit their operations. These restrictions include setting limitations on the use of certain (dangerous) app permissions, which play a big role in distributing or automating malware tactics.

In this blog we will discuss the recent techniques used to spread Android banking trojans via Google Play (MITRE T1475) resulting in significant financial loss for targeted banks. We will also discuss the, sometimes forgotten, by-product of collecting contacts and keystrokes by Banking trojans, resulting in severe data leakage.

Tactics used by threat actors


What makes these Google Play distribution campaigns very difficult to detect from an automation (sandbox) and machine learning perspective is that dropper apps all have a very small malicious footprint. This small footprint is a (direct) consequence of the permission restrictions enforced by Google Play.

A good example is the modification introduced on November 13th, 2021 by Google, which limits the use of the Accessibility Services, which was abused by earlier dropper campaigns to automate and install apps without user consent.

This policing by Google has forced actors to find ways to significantly reduce the footprint of dropper apps. Besides improved malware code efforts, Google Play distribution campaigns are also more refined than previous campaigns. For example, by introducing carefully planned small malicious code updates over a longer period in Google Play, as well as sporting a dropper C2 backend to fully match the theme of the dropper app (for example a working Fitness website for a workout focused app).

To make themselves even more difficult to detect, the actors behind these dropper apps only manually activate the installation of the banking trojan on an infected device in case they desire more victims in a specific region of the world. This makes automated detection a much harder strategy to adopt by any organization.

VirusTotal does not showcase the evolution of detections of antivirus products over time, but almost all campaigns have or had a 0/62 FUD score on VirusTotal at some point in time, confirming the difficulty of detecting dropper apps with a minimal footprint.


Families and statistics

In the paragraphs below we outline the Modus Operandi (MO) of each of the families distributed recently via Google Play. Each of these families has its own banking apps target list, which can be found in the Appendix.


Anatsa campaign

During the research dedicated to the distribution techniques of different malware families, our analysts found numerous droppers located in Google Play, designed to distribute specifically the banking trojan Anatsa. Anatsa was discovered by ThreatFabric in January 2021.

Anatsa is a rather advanced Android banking trojan with RAT and semi-ATS capabilities. It can also perform classic overlay attacks in order to steal credentials, accessibility logging (capturing everything shown on the user’s screen), and keylogging. Previously ThreatFabric reported cases when Anatsa was distributed side-by-side with Cabassous in smishing campaigns all over Europe. Our latest findings show that Anatsa now utilizes Google Play dropper apps.

Thousands of victims

We discovered the first dropper in June 2021 masquerading as an app for scanning documents. In total, ThreatFabric analysts were able to identify 6 Anatsa droppers published in Google Play since June 2021.


These apps posed as QR code scanners, PDF scanners, and cryptocurrency apps. One dropper app was installed more than 50.000 times, with the combined total of installations of all droppers reaching more than 100.000 installations.


The process of infection with Anatsa looks like this: upon the start of installation from Google Play, the user is forced to update the app in order to continue using the app. In this moment, Anatsa payload is downloaded from the C2 server(s), and installed on the device of the unsuspecting victim.

Actors behind it took care of making their apps look legitimate and useful. There are large numbers of positive reviews for the apps. The number of installations and presence of reviews may convince Android users to install the app. Moreover, these apps indeed possess the claimed functionality, after installation they do operate normally and further convince victim in their legitimacy.

Despite the overwhelming number of installations, not every device that has these droppers installed will receive Anatsa, as the actors made efforts to target only regions of their interest. We will cover this and other technical details in the next section.

Technical details

All Anatsa droppers look similar code-wise. Upon the start of the app, a service is started to check if the “update” was installed. The dropper makes a request towards the C2 sending information about the device, including device ID, device name, locale, country, Android SDK version.


As mentioned previously, not every device will receive the “update”. At this point, the C2 backend decides whether to provide the Anatsa payload or not based on the device information. Depending on the C2 response, the dropper will decide whether or not to download Anatsa.


Such approach allows actors to target devices from specific regions and easily switch focus to another area. This behavior is in line with Anatsa moving from region to region, constantly updating its list of targeted financial institutions. Moreover, filtering allows cybercriminals to prevent the dropper from downloading the “update” during the evaluation process when publishing the app on Google Play.

Our analysts have identified Anatsa droppers that initially (in their first versions published on Google Play) had no malicious functionality, but modified their behavior in later versions, adding the dropping functionality, and a wider set of permissions required.


When all conditions are met and the payload is ready, the user will be prompted to download and install it.


After successfully downloading the “update”, the user will be asked for the permission to install apps from unknown sources. The user, previously convinced that the update is necessary for the app to work properly, grants the permission. After the installation is complete, Anatsa is running on the device and immediately asks the victim to grant Accessibility Service privileges.


After enabling Accessibility Service, Anatsa has full control over the device and can perform actions on the victim’s behalf. At the same time, the dropper app is also running and operating as a legitimate app, the victim will probably remain unsuspecting.

Hydra and Ermac campaign

Brunhilda : The return of the Valkyrie

ThreatFabric identified multiple instances of malware dropped by the Brunhilda threat actor group, and in line with previous campaigns, it constituted of trojanized apps. Brunhilda was observed dropping different malware families.

In the first case, we observed Brunhilda posing as a QR code creator app, Brunhilda dropped samples from established families, like Hydra, as well as novel ones, like Ermac.


The apps dropped by this Brunhilda campaign do not differ in functioning too much from the previous versions we have observed during 2021. As it did in the previous iterations, Brunhilda sends a registration request to its C2 using the gRPC protocol. Upon successful registration, and after communicating more detailed information about the device, the dropper is instructed by the C2 to download and install the payload package.


Both families have been very active in the last months, even adventuring to markets that were previously untapped, like the United States. This new wave of malware, which started in August 2021, includes also other families like Gustuff and Anatsa.


Alien campaign

As mentioned before, ThreatFabric observed Brunhilda serving different malware families. Some samples were observed having more than 50.000+ installations, and dropping the android trojan Alien.


Also in this case, as it happened with the deployment of Vultur, these aps reached thousands of downloads before being taken down from the store. The samples were very successful in their operation, with samples ranging from 5.000+ downloads to the impressive values of 50.000+ downloads. With these numbers in mind, it is fair to say that this dropper family was likely able to infect hundreds of thousands of victims during its operation.

Gymdrop : a Gym you do not want to visit

In November 2021 ThreatFabric analysts discovered yet another dropper in Google Play. It had 10.000+ installations and masquerades as an app for self-training.


This dropper, that we dubbed “Gymdrop”, is another example of how cybercriminals try to convince victims and detection systems that their app is legitimate. The app website is designed to look legitimate at first glance. However, it is only a template for a gym website with no useful information on it, even still containing ‘Lorem Ipsum’ placeholder text in its pages.


The developer website also serves as C2 for Gymdrop. Just like previously observed, this dropper tried to convince victims to install a fake update. However, in this case, it is done in a more inventive way: the payload is posed as a new package of workout exercises in conformity with the app. After the user clicks “OK”, the dropper will request the permissions needed.


Shortly after the dropper gets its configuration from the C2. The configuration file contains the link to download the payload. Moreover, the configuration contains filter rules based on device model. Based on the models being filtered out and the code of the dropper, we can draw a conclusion that this is done to avoid downloading the payload on emulators or research environment.


If all conditions are met, the payload will be downloaded and installed. This dropper also does not request Accessibility Service privileges, it just requests permission to install packages, spiced with the promise to install new workout exercises - to entice the user to grant this permission. When installed, the payload is launched. Our threat intelligence shows that at the moment this dropper is used to distribute Alien banking trojan.


While writing this blog post, Gymdrop was updated (a new version was uploaded to Google Play). However, the configuration file was not found on C2. It could probably be done to not serve the payload to pass security checks performed by Google before publishing the update on Google Play.

2 dropper APPS to boost botnet-building

It is worth mentioning that the Alien samples of this campaign connect to the same C2 as samples from previously described campaign powered by Brunhilda dropper.


This leads us to the conclusion that the actor(s) behind these Alien campaigns use at least 2 different dropper services in their distribution strategy.



In the span of only 4 months, 4 large Android families were spread via Google Play, resulting in 300.000+ infections via multiple dropper apps.

A noticeable trend in the new dropper campaigns is that actors are focusing on loaders with a reduced malicious footprint in Google Play, considerably increasing the difficulties in detecting them with automation and machine learning techniques.

The small malicious footprint is a result of the new Google Play restrictions (current and planned) to put limitations on the use of privacy concerning app permissions. Permissions such as Accessibility Service, which in previous campaigns was one of the core tactics abused to automate the installation process of Android banking trojans via dropper apps in Google Play.

By limiting the use of these permissions, actors were forced to choose the more conventional way of installing apps, which is by asking the installation permission, with the side-effect of blending in more with legitimate apps. This is one of the core reasons of the significant success of mobile banking threat actors in sneaking into Google’s trusted app store.

A second big factor behind their success is that actors have set restrictions, with mechanisms to ensure that the payload is installed only on the victim’s device and not on testing environments. To achieve this, criminals use a multitude of techniques, which range from location checks to incremental malicious updates, passing by time-based de-obfuscation and server-side emulation checks.

This incredible attention dedicated to evading unwanted attention renders automated malware detection less reliable. This consideration is confirmed by the very low overall VirusTotal score of the 9 number of droppers we have investigated in this blogpost.

How we help our customers

ThreatFabric makes it easier than it has ever been to run a secure mobile payments business. With the most advanced threat intelligence for mobile banking, financial institutions can build a risk-based mobile security strategy and use this unique knowledge to detect fraud-by-malware on the mobile devices of customers in real-time.

Together with our customers and partners, we are building an easy-to-access information system to tackle the ever-growing threat of mobile malware targeting the financial sector. We especially like to thank the Cyber Defence Alliance (CDA) for collaborating and proactively sharing knowledge and information across the financial sector to fight cyber-threats.

ThreatFabric has partnerships with TIPs all over the world.

If you want to request a free trial of our MTI-feed, or want to test our own MTI portal for 30 days, feel free to contact us at:

If you want more information on how we detect mobile malware on mobile devices, you can directly contact us at:

Appendix: IOC

Brunhilda Dropper Samples

App name Package name SHA-256
Two Factor Authenticator com.flowdivison a3bd136f14cc38d6647020b2632bc35f21fc643c0d3741caaf92f48df0fc6997
Protection Guard d3dc4e22611ed20d700b6dd292ffddbc595c42453f18879f2ae4693a4d4d925a
QR CreatorScanner com.ready.qrscanner.mix ed537f8686824595cb3ae45f0e659437b3ae96c0a04203482d80a3e51dd915ab
Master Scanner Live com.multifuction.combine.qr 7aa60296b771bdf6f2b52ad62ffd2176dc66cb38b4e6d2b658496a6754650ad4

Brunhilda Dropper C2 URL


Anatsa Dropper Samples

App name Package name SHA-256
QR Scanner 2021 com.qr.code.generate 2db34aa26b1ca5b3619a0cf26d166ae9e85a98babf1bc41f784389ccc6f54afb
QR Scanner com.qr.barqr.scangen d4e9a95719e4b4748dba1338fdc5e4c7622b029bbcd9aac8a1caec30b5508db4
PDF Document Scanner - Scan to PDF com.xaviermuches.docscannerpro2 2080061fe7f219fa0ed6e4c765a12a5bc2075d18482fa8cf27f7a090deca54c5
PDF Document Scanner 974eb933d687a9dd3539b97821a6a777a8e5b4d65e1f32092d5ae30991d4b544
PDF Document Scanner Free 16c3123574523a3f1fb24bbe6748e957afff21bef0e05cdb3b3e601a753b8f9d
CryptoTracker 1aafe8407e52dc4a27ea800577d0eae3d389cb61af54e0d69b89639115d5273c

Anatsa Dropper C2 URL


Gymdrop Dropper Samples

App name Package name SHA-256
Gym and Fitness Trainer com.gym.trainer.jeux 30ee6f4ea71958c2b8d3c98a73408979f8179159acccc01b6fd53ccb20579b6b
Gym and Fitness Trainer com.gym.trainer.jeux b3c408eafe73cad0bb989135169a8314aae656357501683678eff9be9bcc618f

Gymdrop Dropper C2 URL


Malware Samples dropped

Malware Family App name Package name SHA-256
Alien.A Master Scanner Live leaf.leave.exchang 74407e40e1c01e73087442bcdf3a0802121c4263ab67122674d9d09b3edf856e
Alien.A Gym and Fitness Trainer gesture.enlist.say e8cbcc34af3bd352767b7a9270dd684a50da2e68976a3712675526a7398550a0
Anatsa.A PDF AI : TEXT RECOGNIZER com.uykxx.noazg d42e0d3db3662e809af3198da67fdbd46d5c2a1052b5945401e4cdd06c197714
Hydra.C QR CreatorScanner com.cinnamon.equal 9ab66c1b7db44abaa53850a3d6a9af36c8ad603dab6900caba592497f632349f
Ermac.A QR CreatorScanner com.tag.right fd7e7e23db5f645db9ed47a5d36e7cf57ca2dbdf46a37484eafa1e04f657bf02

Appendix: Targeted apps

Alien.A Targets

Package Name App Name
com.kubi.kucoin KuCoin: Bitcoin Exchange & Crypto Wallet ABANCA - Portugal
com.bitfinex.mobileapp Bitfinex Changelly: Buy Bitcoin BTC & Fast Crypto Exchange
es.liberbank.cajasturapp Banca Digital Liberbank Millenniumbcp Openbank – banca móvil
pt.bctt.appbctt Banco CTT
com.exictos.mbanka.bic Banco BIC, SA Pro: Advanced Bitcoin & Crypto Trading
com.plunien.poloniex Poloniex Crypto Exchange Kutxabank
com.bitpay.wallet BitPay – Secure Bitcoin Wallet Binance - Buy & Sell Bitcoin Securely BBVA Net Cash ES & PT Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin. Crypto Wallet
com.rsi.Colonya Colonya Caixa Pollença TransferWise Money Transfer BPI APP
com.bancamarch.bancamovil Banca March
com.mycelium.wallet Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet Cajasur
com.tecnocom.cajalaboral Banca Móvil Laboral Kutxa
net.bitbay.bitcoin Bitcoin & Crypto Exchange - BitBay
es.evobanco.bancamovil EVO Banco móvil
com.bankinter.portugal.bmb Bankinter Portugal Gmail Best Bank
com.wavesplatform.wallet Waves.Exchange Bitstamp – Buy & Sell Bitcoin at Crypto Exchange
es.bancosantander.apps Santander Microsoft Outlook: Organize Your Email & Calendar OKEx - Bitcoin/Crypto Trading Platform
com.grupocajamar.wefferent Grupo Cajamar
com.bankinter.launcher Bankinter Móvil Bankia
pt.novobanco.nbapp NB smart app Caja de Ingenieros Banca MÓVIL
es.ibercaja.ibercajaapp Ibercaja
pt.santandertotta.mobileempresas Santander Empresas
es.pibank.customers Pibank Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum NBapp Spain
com.mediolanum Banco Mediolanum España Google Play BBVA Portugal Cash App
es.caixagalicia.activamovil ABANCA- Banca Móvil
es.univia.unicajamovil UnicajaMovil
org.electrum.electrum Electrum Bitcoin Wallet WiZink, tu banco senZillo Yahoo Mail – Organized Email Caixadirecta Connect for Hotmail & Outlook: Mail and Calendar mail imaginBank - Your mobile bank
es.caixaontinyent.caixaontinyentapp Caixa Ontinyent
www.ingdirect.nativeframe ING España. Banca Móvil
eu.atlantico.bancoatlanticoapp MY ATLANTICO BBVA Spain CitiManager – Corporate Cards CA Mobile PayPal Mobile Cash: Send and Request Money Fast
com.rsi ruralvía
es.cecabank.ealia2103appstore UniPay Unicaja ActivoBank - CaixaBank
com.db.pbc.mibanco Mi Banco db
com.targoes_prod.bad TARGOBANK - Banca a distancia

Ermac.A Targets

Package Name App Name
eu.inmite.prj.kb.mobilbank Mobilni Banka
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Anatsa.A Targets

Package Name App Name HSBC UK Mobile Banking Chase Mobile Wells Fargo Mobile Citi Mobile® Capital One® Mobile Bank of America Mobile Banking J.P. Morgan Mobile
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Hydra.C Targets

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