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ThreatFabric Recognized by Gartner as Cyber-Fraud Fusion Kill-Chain Vendor

15 September 2023


ThreatFabric is recognized by Gartner as Cyber-Fraud Fusion Kill-Chain Vendor

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Friday 15th September —ThreatFabric, the leading provider of cyber-fraud solutions, has been recognized by Gartner for implementing the “Cyber-Fraud Kill-Chain” in their platform. This process allows organizations to prevent fraud at every stage, from reconnaissance to monetization. According to Gartner, fraudsters can exploit multiple points of exposure, and organizations need to monitor as many of them as possible to stay ahead.

Han Sahin, ThreatFabric CEO, says: “Anti-fraud teams need more than reactive measures to fight fraudsters. They need a proactive approach that integrates threat intelligence, behavioral telemetry, and device risk into their process.”

Gartner also emphasizes the need for a cyber-fraud fusion to tackle emerging and hard-to-detect fraud types, such as Authorized Push Payment fraud, fishing, and device takeovers. Anti-fraud and infosec teams need to work together to close the “control gap”, the blind spots that allow fraud to bypass detection.

Sahin adds: “Our data shows that our Cyber-Fraud Kill-Chain approach improves visibility, detection rates, and productivity. But more importantly, it helps protect real people from the devastating impact of fraud. Being proactive is the only way.”

About ThreatFabric 

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Amsterdam, ThreatFabric is a fast-growing fraud company and one of Europe’s thought leaders in online fraud detection and intelligence. ThreatFabric’s Fraud Risk Suite enables safe & frictionless payment journeys by integrating industry-leading threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, advanced device fingerprinting, and 10,000+ adaptive fraud indicators.


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