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Our solution

One integrated suite to monitor & manage all your fraud risks

Fraud Risk Suite

Multi-layered visibility

  • Visibility on Device Risk

    • Malware detection
    • Bot & Fake app detection
    • Remote Access Tool/Trojan detection
    • Runtime insecurity threat detection
  • Visibility on Identity Risk

    • Location intelligence
    • AI-based device fingerprinting
    • Enabling frictionless MFA
  • Visibility on Threat Intel

    • Real-time threat alerts
    • In-depth Fraud MO + malware reports
  • Visibility on Behavioural Risk

    • APP fraud (Vishing) detection
    • Imposter detection (ATO-fraud)

How it works

One platform to manage fraud risks from customer devices

How it works infographic

Unified Portal & API

One portal to rule them all

Products are only as good as their user interface. Whether you want to be track voice phishing fraud, understand device risks, optimize detection or monitor aggregated trends over time: our Unified Portal & API will make analysis on your side as convenient as possible. Because we believe that the better the user experience, the easier it will become for you to stop fraud.


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