Privacy policy

At ThreatFabric B.V. we find it fundamental to protect the information relevant to our customers and users of our website and services. Therefore, we are committed to ensure the highest privacy and data protection standards, in compliance with the relevant legislation.

This privacy policy is not applicable to third party websites controlled that our website or services may link to. We assume no liability for the contents and handling of data of such third-party websites.

Personal data

ThreatFabric B.V. might processes personal data for the following purposes:
- To provide and personalize usage of our website or services.
- For research or statistical purposes.
- In order to comply with legal obligations in relation with personal data.
- For the performance of the contractual relationship with you.

We will not provide your personal data to third parties without notice or without a legal requirement.

Cookie policy

We use cookies to keep track of your interactions with our website or services. Although the information used in the cookies is not intrusive (IP address and device related information), we are legally obliged to inform our visitors and customers about the cookies usage and to get their consent.

By using our website, you consent to the use and storage of cookies on your device. Usage of our website is however also possible without cookies. You can enable or disable cookies by modifying the relevant settings in your browser.


Cookies are small files stored on a user’s device that record and store the information related to your activity when visiting a website. That information is mostly used to improve and personalize website content and enhance the experience of its visitors.

IP addresses

IP addresses are a numerical label assigned to each device connected to networks, such as internet. The IP address of a device is used to identify and locate the device on the network.

IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics service to collect information about how visitors use our website, including information about the website the visitor came from and the total number of times a visitor has visited our website. Read more about the Google Privacy Policy and the Google Analytics security and privacy principles.

Contact us

If you have questions or requests in relation to information privacy please contact us.