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Impersonation Scam Protection

Impersonation Scams: A Rising Threat

Impersonation scams are rapidly escalating, impacting banks, businesses, and individuals across the globe. With billions at stake and countless victims, these scams often elude bank detection, as they initiate outside the bank's purview via phone, email, or social media, only culminating in the final payment at the bank.

The Challenge: Detecting varied scams, like romance fraud, investment, account takeovers, and malware, when you only see part of the story.

The Solution: Behavioural Biometrics by ThreatFabric

Just as intent betrays behaviour in a poker game, similar cues are evident in app usage. ThreatFabric introduces in-app "micro sensors" and unique device profiles to model different user behaviours without sacrificing user experience. These state-of-the-art models efficiently detect high-risk frauds while upholding user privacy.

Read the datasheet to understand how ThreatFabric can help you protect against Impersonation Scam Protection!

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