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Threat Fabric

Why ThreatFabric?

Countering the imminent

Spending many years in fraud teams at banks made us aware of the patterns that all fraudsters have in common, including the unknown ones. We have materialized our knowledge in our industry-leading detection and intelligence solutions.

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Our mission

Carefree payments on all user devices

We have worked for fraud departments inside banks for a long time. We were part of a cat & mouse game with cyber criminals – constantly reacting to new activities of the fraudsters. By over-focusing on current modus operandi reported by victims, banks are usually only capable of preventing yesterday’s fraud. For us, that was hugely frustrating.

So why don’t fraud teams include tomorrow’s threat in their visibility? Meet ThreatFabric!

Attackers always leave a behavioral or technical footprint during fraud attempts. Understanding these typical fraud-overarching footprints enables us to become proactive about Online Fraud Detection. Our industry-leading research team has been able to detect unknown malware families for the past 8 years and warn banks before they get attacked.

We believe that banks should stay away from a reactive cat & mouse with fraudsters, by revealing and detecting the patterns that all attacks have in common.

One step ahead

By focusing on the unknown

Keeping up with the latest sophisticated threats and attacks – or even being aware of them in the first place – is a reactive, lost battle where you will always be one step behind.

Instead, by focusing on what all fraudsters have in common, you will be able to protect your clients against all threats, including the unknown ones that develop their modus operandi over time.

This way you can truly stay one step ahead.

Blind spot awareness

The best criminals operate under your radar

Although fraudsters typically follow the money, they also want to avoid detection and optimize their illegal profits by making their attacks highly scalable and reusable.

In recent years, the combination of increasing payment traffic, limited detection and insecure devices has made the mobile banking channel a goldmine for fraud. While banks continue to focus on other channels with high payment traffic – like web apps and creditcards – fraudsters are profiting massively from this mobile blind spot.

We are actively defending this mobile blind spot and help banks understand the threats, so that we can slow down the fraudsters’ advance through the mobile threat landscape.


Leadership team

Building and leading a team to expose and counter the most sophisticated threats

Why ThreatFabric?

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