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Fraud Risk Suite

Peace of mind for you and your customers

We enable safe & frictionless online customer journeys by integrating industry-leading threat intel, behavioral analytics, advanced device fingerprinting and over 10.000 adaptive fraud indicators. This will give you and your customers peace of mind in an age of ever-changing fraud.


The strong digital transformation and immense popularity of mobile banking has also increased threats and fraud. ThreatFabric can help you regain control and stay away from the never-ending cat & mouse game with fraudsters who disrupt your users’ lives and your business.

  • Fraud protection without friction or churn

  • Driven by industry leading threat intel

  • Layered fraud indicators to adapt to ever-changing fraud

  • Safeguarding millions of users and billions of transactions


All modern fraud risks are covered, including the sophisticated hybrid fraud.

  • Account Takeover Fraud

  • Device Takeover (DTO) fraud

  • APP Fraud (Vishing)

  • Account Opening Fraud

  • Hybrid Fraud


Frictionless, omni-channel detection layers based on many indicators.

  • Device Risk

  • Behavioral Risk

  • Identity Risk

  • Threat Intel

  • More


Keep peace of mind and minimize fraud losses for you and your customers.

  • Real-time fraud visibility & alerts

  • Highly accurate risk indicators

  • Enrich Identity Proofing

  • Analysis Portal & Reporting

  • Managed Service

One step ahead

A proactive strategy to avoid a cat & mouse game

Keeping up with the latest sophisticated threats and attacks – or even being aware of them in the first place – is a reactive, lost battle where you will always be one step behind.

Instead, by focusing on what all fraudsters have in common, you will be able to protect your clients against all threats, including the unknown ones that develop their modus operandi over time.

This way you can truly stay one step ahead.

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Peace of mind for you and your customers

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