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Mobile banking malware fraud protection

Banking malware is actively manipulating mobile devices and transactions. We have developed an omni-channel, intel-driven detection solution, enabling you to protect your clients.

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Client-Side Detection

3 million mobile devices protected

Mobile Threat Intel

30.000 new malware samples each month

The Threat

Banking malware is actively manipulating mobile devices and financial transactions, leading to millions of dollars in fraud.

  • Key logger
  • Remote Access Control (VNC)
  • Replace bank account number in clipboard
  • Automated Transfer System (script)

Welcome to 2021!

The pandemic as a catalyst for mobile banking

The impact of the pandemic can be felt world-wide, including the banking sector.

Before COVID-19, 70% of Europeans used a mobile device to check their balances, transfer money or pay a bill.1

Since COVID-19 we have seen a 85% increase in mobile banking traffic and a 200% jump in new mobile banking registrations.2

Although banking malware declined in 2020 due to ransomware popularity, Android threats increased by 4x.3

Threat intelligence

Only part of the solution

Threat intelligence will not stop fraud by itself. It should be integrated in the core fraud stopping mechanisms of a bank in order to be effective.

That’s why we did not want to stop at collecting intel only. We have made our intel super actionable by integrating it in a detection solution that runs inside the actual banking app. Stopping fraud had never been easier!

Two products

We offer knowledge & action

World leaders

In mobile banking malware knowledge

Our team of international security experts and researchers are operating in the frontline of cybersecurity. By continuously exposing and documenting new threats, attack patterns and adversaries, we enable our clients and trusted partners to push back in this highly sophisticated cat & mouse game to protect our clients.

During the past year we’ve been the first to report about new and active malware families, including Cerberus, Alien, Anubis and BlackRock. Have a look in the Articles section to get an impression of our reports.

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